Plums are oval or heart-shaped fruits that come in a variety of colors. They have a sweet juicy taste that can’t be beat! Interestingly enough, the stone in a plum is actually like a human fingerprint. Each variety has a unique stone which helped experts identify over one hundred plum stones on Henry VII’s flagship, Mary Rose. Nowadays, plums are thoroughly enjoyed on their own, in salads with goat cheese and walnuts, or in a tasty dessert.


  • Very good source of vitamin C
  • Good source of dietary fiber, vitamin A and K
  • Increase absorption of iron into the body

Tips for Selection

  • When choosing plums, pick ones that yield to gentle pressure and that are slightly soft at their tip
  • Good quality plums will feature a rich color and may still have a slight whitish “bloom,” reflecting that they have not been over handled
  • They should also be free of punctures, bruises, or any signs of decay

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