Although small in size, Mini Bananas have a unique flavor that is similar to but sweeter than the more traditional, larger, Cavendish bananas. Also known as “Niños,” “Lady Fingers,” or “Baby Bananas,” these bananas are best when eaten out of hand or sliced for use in cereals or salads. When ripe (or slightly spotted) they have a very thin peel, so they need to be handled gently to prevent bruising of the edible pulp.

Perfect size for

  • Lunchboxes
  • After school activities
  • Mid-afternoon break
  • Adding to a yogurt cup
  • And enjoyed by both kids and adults!


  • Del Monte Mini Bananas contain no fat, cholesterol, or sodium.
  • 2 Mini Bananas are just 110 calories!

Tips for Selection

  • Mini bananas require just a little more time to mature and develop that great sweet taste. Wait until you see a few brown spots on them to peel, eat, and enjoy!

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